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Integrated Path to Time Attendance Success

Integral Software, a subsidiary of CHIP, a leading security and management solutions provider in the Middle East since 1990, offers an innovative time attendance solution. This transformative approach to managing employee time and attendance leverages CHIP’s extensive experience and expertise. Furthermore, Integral’s HR platform goes beyond traditional time tracking. It fosters a harmonious and collaborative relationship between HR departments and employees in companies. In turn, this streamlines HR processes, empowers employees with self-service options, and fosters a positive work environment. With a focus on the time attendance needs of modern businesses, Integral Software delivers unparalleled functionality and reliability.


Integral's Mission & Vision

Shaping the Future of Work

Our Mission
We deliver intelligent and intuitive HR software that enhances efficiency, productivity, and collaboration in the workplace.
Our Vision
We strive to become the leading provider of innovative HR solutions in the Middle East, recognized for excellence and customer satisfaction.
CHIP Headquarters Building in Beirut, Lebanon. Integral Software by CHIP offers Time Attendance, HR and Payroll solutions.

About CHIP

Securing Success, Empowering Solutions

Since 1990, CHIP has been a leading provider of high-quality security and management systems in Lebanon. Offering comprehensive solutions for various industries, including the hospitality, healthcare sectors, and more, CHIP specializes in the design, marketing, installation, and maintenance of security systems like access control and CCTV cameras. Additionally, they provide management systems like HR software for time and attendance, empowering businesses to enhance security, optimize operations, and gain peace of mind. We are the trusted partner for businesses seeking top-tier security and management solutions in Beirut and throughout Lebanon, and we're committed to expanding our reach to serve clients across the region.

Our Trusted Clients: Collaborative Success

Beyond Work: A Culture of Teamwork & Development

Together We Innovate: Learn, Grow & Make a Difference

Investing in Your Professional Growth

Your growth is key to our shared success. That's why we prioritize our team's learning opportunities, skill-building programs, and career advancement paths.

Customer-Centric at Our Core

We prioritize customer satisfaction by listening attentively to their needs and exceeding expectations with Integral.

Contributing to a Greener Future

We innovate with a purpose. Integral empowers companies to go paperless, minimizing their environmental footprint. Together, we can build a more sustainable future.
Our Values

The Cornerstones of Our Success


Deliver top-quality solutions with CHIP's expertise.


Constantly innovate to meet evolving client needs.


Uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical practices.


Foster teamwork for mutual success and growth.