Time Attendance Solution for a Modern Workplace

Unify Your Workforce & Unleash Potential with Integral

Managing a modern workforce requires efficient HR tools. Integral time attendance solution, by CHIP, goes beyond basic HR by streamlining time & attendance, payroll, and core HR tasks in one user-friendly platform. This empowers both HR and employees: HR gains automated workflows, real-time data for smarter decisions, and simplified processes. Employees can easily check in, manage leave requests, and access pay slips. Ultimately, Integral time attendance solution leads to a more productive and satisfied workforce, with less administrative burden for everyone.

CHIP Legacy in Time & Attendance Management: 


Years of Expertise


Proven Installations


Employees Usage

Our Modules

One System; Endless Opportunities

Daily Transaction

Unlock Employee Attendance Insights

Monitor employee arrivals, departures, breaks, and absences with precision through detailed logs. Leverage customizable reports to track trends, monitor overtime, and mitigate penalties effectively. Integral also allows HR personnel to add observations and data directly within daily transaction tables, enriching employee profiles and fostering data-driven decision making.

Scheduling / Create Day

Streamline Shift Management

Integral simplifies and optimizes your shift management with three intuitive modules: "Rate Rule," "Create Day," and "Schedule." This comprehensive system lets you define pay structures, schedule regular, flexible, and off-day shifts, and calculate overtime automatically, ensuring accurate and compliant payroll processing. Directly assigned schedules keep employees informed and engaged, fostering transparency and boosting efficiency.


Employee Vs HR Dashboard

Common Features: (Employee & HR)
- Real-Time Attendance Updates
- Leave Balance Tracking
- Manage Pending Requests (self-service portal)
- Boost Team Spirit by Highlighting Birthdays
- New Hire & Farewell Announcements

HR Dashboard: (Additional)
- Real-Time Headcount (onsite/absent)
- Centralized View of Employee Requests


Holidays & Insights at a Glance

Gain a comprehensive view of key information with ease. Our calendar easily tracks upcoming holidays, employee absences, and custom observations, all in one central location. Personalize event colors for quick identification and filter by departments, branches or other for targeted information access. This streamlined tool promotes organization and improves communication within your team, ensuring everyone stays informed.

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Deployment Options

Flexible HR Solutions

Access data anytime, anywhere with secure cloud solutions or gain full control & customization with on-premises options. Both offer scalability & effortless operations.



ERP Integration

Optimize Business Operations

Integral HR software understands the value of streamlined systems for optimal business performance. That’s why we offer unparalleled ease of integration with your existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) infrastructure. This seamless connection empowers you to consolidate vital HR data – including payroll, employee information, and attendance records – directly into your ERP system. By eliminating the need for manual data entry and double-handling information, you’ll save time, reduce errors, and gain a more holistic view of your organization’s operations.

Our Features

Employee Self-Service Portal

Easy Request Submissions

With just a few clicks, Integral's user-friendly platform streamlines leave requests, eliminating paperwork.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Enables employees to update personal and professional info, saving HR time and ensuring accurate records.

Flexible & Secure Attendance

Wi-Fi & HR-defined geolocation check-in via mobile app.

Direct Personal Document Upload

Simplify document uploading directly, reducing HR reliance.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Choose The Technology That Answers Your Need

In today’s dynamic work landscape, flexibility is key. Integral HR software offers exceptional multi-device compatibility for effortless time and attendance tracking, empowering your workforce to Check in and out with ease from any device.  This integration machines eliminates paper-based tracking and ensures accurate attendance calculations for efficient workforce management.

Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint Readers

Verify individuals based on their unique fingerprint patterns.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Identifies individuals based on their facial features.

Palm Print Scanner

Palm Print Scanner

Authenticate individuals via their unique palm print patterns.

Card Readers

Card Readers

Enable access control through scanning encoded cards.

Terminals Integrations

Choose Freely Among Many Integrated Vendors

Integral empowers you to seamlessly mix and match hardware from various vendors to meet your unique needs and budget. This flexibility ensures you’re never locked into one option, allowing for a tailored approach that evolves with your business. With Integral, the power of choice is yours.

Powered By CHIP

The Trusted Provider Of Security & Management Solutions

Integral is brought to you by CHIP, a leading provider of security and management solutions in Lebanon since 1990. CHIP's extensive experience in security systems and access control ensures the secure management of your HR data within Integral. Furthermore, CHIP's access control systems integrate directly with Integral, allowing for secure and efficient employee check-in. With Integral, you get not only a powerful HR platform but also the backing of CHIP's experience and unwavering commitment to security.